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Doggy Doos & Kitties Too is all about fun! We are a kennel free facility. Let them come and play all day then go home and sleep like babies.

There are many good reasons to choose day care for your dog. First, it helps socialize your dog. Dogs are pack animals by nature, but rarely get to be around a ‘pack’ in today’s world. As a result, some dogs become dog-aggressive or overly fearful around other dogs. Dog daycare allows them to socialize and play with other dogs in a way that is much more natural for them. Second, it keeps your dog active and healthy. A good dog day care will offer many activities for your canine friend so that your dog will be stronger and more fit than if it were left “home alone” five days out of seven. Third, it makes your dog just plain happy to be in a stimulating environment, playing with other dogs and people.


Going away? One night or one month, we are here for you and your pup. Allow them to play all day interacting with other dogs and staff  to help distract their minds from your being gone.  Your dog is only kenneled at night for safety and privacy reasons. We are equipped with 24 hour camera surveillance, protected by Ambusch Securities for fire,Co2, & vandalism. On top of all this we have our own Guard dog who protects the facility.


Doggy Doos & Kitties Too is Red Deers most experienced grooming salon. Grooming is not just a job to these girls, its a passion and a career they take pride in. We take our time and feel your pet over. If we feel like your dogs personality would do better with another groomer we will make the necessary changes. To ease your mind we have installed cameras to insure you your pet is being treated with care and safety during their visit.